5 ways to improve you health by eating avocados!!

October 27, 2017

Improve you health by eating more avocados


Let me start by saying I love love love avocados!!! 😉  I would put them on everything if I could! 

Adding in more avocados is an easy way to add more healthy fat into your diet without feeling guilty about it. Click To Tweet

Let me tell you why you should add more avocados into your diet. 

  1. They can help lower your bad cholesterol. You know the LDL levels and triglycerides.  If eating a few avocados can help decrease your heart disease risk why not right???

  2. They can help prevent cancer! Say whaaaattt!!!  Can you believe there have been studies performed showing the benefits of preventing cancer such as prostate cancer and lowering chemotherapy side effects (1)
  3. Helps with digestion. They contain fiber which can be helpful with reducing symptoms of constipation and diarrhea.
  4. Prevents bad breath. They contain antibacterial and antioxidant which can help to kill bacteria in your mouth. But most importantly improving your digestive health can help to improve bad breath. 
  5. Helps support weight control. They help you the feeling more full so you don’t have the desire to eat more than you need to. 
How you can eat more avocados???  Here is a list of recipes to try out!!
  • Avocado smoothie
  • Avocado toast
    • This is one of my favorite ways to eat avocados for breakfast.
    • Scoop a ripe avocado in a bowl. Mash up. Add salt and pepper and spread on a piece of toast! Easy peasy right!
  • Creamy Avocado Salad Dressing
  • Avocado pesto
  • Spinach dip with avocado (will be posted tomorrow)

I challenge you to eat one avocado per day. Will you join me??

Improve your health by eating more avocados

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  1. Reply

    Nicole Anderson | Camping for Women

    I will definitely join you! I just love avocados but I never knew the 5 beneficial things you listed above. That is a great bonus to enjoy eating them even more. Nice suggested dishes/recipes also.

    1. Reply


      Awesome! I glad it was helpful!

  2. Reply

    Rachael Musser

    My whole family loves avocados!! One of my favorite recipes is avocado toast 😉

    1. Reply


      I agree! I love to eat avocado toast for breakfast!

  3. Reply

    Ashley Bass

    We love avocados in our house. such good tips to make better use of them

    1. Reply


      Awesome! I’m glad they were helpful to you.

  4. Reply


    Great post for avocado lovers!

  5. Reply

    Nicole Dortch

    Never thought about using avocados in these ways. Now that I am on a healthy eating diet (ughhhh) I will have to consider some of these ideas!

    1. Reply


      Glad your eating a healthy diet that’s awesome and enjoyed the post!

  6. Reply


    And #6 they taste delicious 🙂 I love avocados and its a staple in my diet especially when I am looking to drop a few pounds. Its my go to source for healthy fats.

    1. Reply


      I agree definitely needs to be added to the list! I absolutely love avocados also.

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